Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing is the periodic cutting of a turf grass lawn to a specified height. The ability to tolerate mowing is one of the criteria that separate turf grass from the rest of the grass species. Mowing is always a stress on the grass plants. Mowing is the most common cultural practice used on lawns around the world. It’s the most frequently repeated aspect of landscape care. Thus some think it takes more time than other outdoor tasks. Facts prove otherwise.

According to the Lawn Institute, it is recommended to mow weekly, pending the growth rate of the lawn, or a minimum of every other week to ensure weeds are at bay and lawns are healthy.

Weed Eating

Weed eating, or commonly referred to as trimming and edging, is a common practice for lawn care companies providing lawn care services. We use electric, battery-powered, weed eaters which are light in weight and help the kids do a really nice job without tiring them out, or causing strain to the lower back. We weed eat along walkways, around trees (not too close to the trunk), and around structures; homes, garages, lawn ornaments, gardens, landscaping, and sheds, to name a few.

This helps provide the clean and green look we all come to know and love.

Feeding & Seeding

Every single one of our lawns get a feeding and seeding following each cut. It is considered a best practice to seed bare spots on your lawn, or thin areas of your lawn after each mow to ensure that you're feeding the grass and seeding the areas with most need.

We use Scott's Turf Builder Weed & Fee on every lawn to ensure we patch bare and thin areas, as well as feed other areas needing new grass. All of our seeding and feeding is per the recommendations from the Lawn Institute, and follow those guidelines strictly.

Fall Clean Up

Three Bears Lawn Care provides fall clean up, which includes all of your leave and lawn care needs. We rake or leaf blow as needed, and can do carry-away leaf removal. The service includes carrying away of leaves, branches, and debris. We provide a final lawn mowing for the season and aeration of the lawn. Don't waste time on waiting for call backs from Hayward Wisconsin Lawn Care Companies, we call back within minutes and are on site, on-schedule, and finish the job on time, and on-budget. All projects are quoted prior to on-site work, so there are zero surprises.

Raised Bed Gardens

Northern Wisconsin certainly comes with a lot of beauty. That beauty revolves around our abundant forests, trees, and greenery.

These areas also come with challenges for growing vegetable gardens, flower gardens or other forms of gardens to grow annuals and perennials. This is where we find raised bed gardens a truly unique approach and addition to our service line. We make 4ft x 4ft raised bed gardens and 4ft x 8ft rasied bed gardens which sit at 16 inches to 24 inches tall. These are the guidelines by, which enable garden growers to sit on the ledge comfortably and reach into the box to garden.

Outdoor Lawn Chairs

These lawn chairs are constructed out of 1x4 inch untreated pine. The seat is 24x24 inches, the seat is 20 inches off of the ground, and the chair runs a total of 36 inches tall.

These outdoor lawn chairs were just a fun rainy day project, and quickly became something the clients wanted on their outdoor patio, or to sit around their camp fire area.

*Disclaimer: We don't order the cushions, nor add any paint or sealant. Our requests have come from those who want the chair, but want to paint it themselves, or stain it to their liking.