Top Hayward Wisconsin Landscaping Companies

Top Hayward Wisconsin Landscaping Companies

Using Hayward Wisconsin Landscaping Companies Top Help Spruce Up Your Yard with New Trees, Shrubs, and Other Plants

Are you looking to upgrade your current landscape? Homeowners and property managers alike can get what we call the ‘itch.’ The need to improve on the lawn.

Perhaps you want to increase your curb appeal and property value. Maybe you’re simply ready for a change. Whatever your reason, our list of Hayward Wisconsin Landscaping companies can help install new pieces or pavers to bring a fresh look to your landscaping.

Small-Scale Landscape Installation Services for Hayward Wisconsin Property Owners

Change doesn’t always mean a drastic adjustment. Landscaping change can be as simple as introducing a few new plants or updating a path. The most common small-scale changes are installing pavers and planting trees and/or shrubs.

Shrub Planting

Shrubs improve curb appeal and property value, but they also offer additional benefits. Shrubs can shelter and feed birds, improve air quality, and reduce erosion. Many turn colors in the fall, and they are easy to maintain and durable in the right climates and soil for their species. Let us find you the perfect selection of shrubs to plant in your updated landscape by recommending CJ Landscaping of Hayward Wisconsin.

Tree Planting

Trees can keep yards cooler during sunny days and act as natural respirators. They enhance curb appeal and increase property value. They can slow rain impact and divert flooding from severe weather. Our experts can help you select the best trees to plant based on your soil type, lighting, and more. Once again, our recommendation would be to consider CJ Landscaping for your tree planting needs.

Paver Installation

Pavers are small, interlocking pieces available in several materials that fit together to form decks, paths, patios, and more. They can be placed parallel, perpendicular, straight, or scattered. Stylish and easy to maintain, they can enhance any yard’s aesthetic. Creative Concrete Concepts is the go-to for the area's most experienced contractor for stamped and decorative concrete in Hayward Wisconsin.

Other installations can include the following:

  • Cacti

  • Granite

  • Ground Cover

  • Native and Exotic Plants

  • Sod Lawns

  • Succulents

Why Choose to Upgrade Your Hayward Wisconsin Landscape?

When you work with Hayward Wisconsin landscaping companies, you work with a crew dedicated to exceptional service. We are proud to serve the greater Hayward Wisconsin area with reliable, quality service. We want to see our community— our neighborhoods and businesses —flourish and thrive.

Our list of professional landscapers view every yard as a piece of art. Just like our favorite paintings in the museum, our yards need help to maintain their beauty through the years.

While all of the listed landscapers aren’t certified for major designs, the companies on this list will happily work with the designer of your choice to see your landscaping dream become a reality.

Additional Services we offer in the Hayward Wisconsin area

In addition to our top rated landscaping companies, these companies also offer routine lawn maintenance, one-time cleanups, lawn care, and irrigation system installation & repair.

Routine Maintenance

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly blowing of all landscape areas, landscape debris removal, lawn edging, lawn mowing, light weeding, and raking of granite. For an additional fee, we also offer excessive weed control, fertilizing of plants, shrubs and foliage, plantings and soil amendments, and weed chemicals – pre-emergent, top kill, and post-emergent. Becker Property Maintenance has numerous positive reviews from both residential and commercial customers alike.

One-Time Cleanup

A one-time arrangement that includes trimming all shrubs and trees, edging and mowing the turf, removing all weeds, raking and blowing granite, and removing all landscape debris. J-Ts Lawn and Cabin Care have a great track record of providing full cleanup services for cabins, homes, and estates.

Lawn Care

Services include lawn mowing, weed eating and removal, lawn aeration, lawn fertilizing, lawn dethatching, insect control, mulching and ‘lawnscaping’ would be pointed to the highest rated lawn care service in Hayward Wisconsin; Three Bears Lawn Care.

Irrigation Install and Repair

Mike Brown Irrigation Systems can install, repair, and evaluate several irrigation systems. Irrigation evaluations include the review of the existing sprinkler and drip systems on a residential or commercial property.

Let Our Professionals Help Update Your Yard

Our list of professionals is standing by to help with all your small-scale landscape installation needs.

Hayward Wisconsin is a unique area located in Sawyer County, has a population of 2,352 and home to world-record fishing with a wide range of high-value properties. The properties include cabins, homes, resorts, with 1,144 housing units valued at $400 - $1M.

Sawyer County is a great place to find seasoned professionals to handle your landscaping and lawn care needs.


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