What is the average cost of lawn care service in Hayward Wisconsin

How Much Does a Lawn Care Service Cost?

Lawn Care Service can be one of those types of services that can range from eye-popping expensive to affordable lawn care service, right down to cheap lawn care services. Fortunately, Lawn Care Services are easily identifiable for quality, experience, insured, competence, and attention to detail by the pricing model.

Hourly Rate Lawn Care

For example, if a lawn care company charges by the hour - they likely are a mid-quality company that focuses on getting paid, but does a decent job of getting your lawn care work done. There are certain services that do not make sense to charge by the hour, and lawn care service is one of those.

Let me give you an example.

Let's say you're a busy individual; you stop by the barber shop to get a haircut in between picking up the kids from school, and your last meeting. You stop by a barber shop that charges $20/hr for "hair care services", and instead of getting the job done in the 10-12 minute time frame most barbers take - they take up the full hour to get paid the full amount. This is how hourly rate lawn care service operate.

Lawn Care Services are all a numbers game. The quicker the contractor finishes the job, the more money they earn.

Per Acre Lawn Care Service

Personally, I never quite understood this pricing model. If you're mowing lawns, edging sidewalks, walkways, landscaping, and other decorated areas, the service is going to be exactly the same regardless of the size of the lawn. If you live in a 2.4 Acre property, and 40% of your property is covered with trees, or area that isn't able to be mowed - why should you pay for that area that isn't going to be care for?

I see a lot of contractor using the $125/acre to $175/acre pricing model, and it was never truly clear for a couple of reasons. The average consumer doesn't think in terms of 'Per Acre" pricing. The average consumer can easily digest, "per visit" pricing. If you tell the consumer, it costs $175/per acre, and we'll stop by 2x a week. The standard follow up question comes out to, "What does that cost me every time you show up?"

Flat Rate Lawn Care Service

The Flat Rate Lawn Care Service is what you'll likely find the most fair, transparent, and easily understood. A Flat Rate Lawn Care Service is one that charges a per visit price, and includes various services for that single flat rate. This could include the following: lawn mowing, weed trimming, debris removal, insect repellent spray, etc. As seasons change, you'll likely see other service included and/or swapped out. You'll see services like dethatching, aeration, fertilizer application, weed killing spray, etc.

Average Cost of Lawn Care Service

According to BobVilla.com, the national average for a lawn care service is $129. This includes the various types of services from landscaping, irrigation systems, request fertilizing, weeding, mulching, yard cleanup, and other maintenance, such as, aerating and watering. When you factor all of those services in, $129 is a pretty reasonable number in relation to what contractors in the Hayward area charge.

However, the lawn mowing service ranges from $25 - $150 per week, and the national average is $45. As you may imagine, if you have a 4 acre property, and you're getting it mowed for $45 you're probably going to be pretty happy with that price, provided the job is complete with quality in mind, it's clean, there is no damage, and

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