Is it worth getting a lawn service?

Is it worth getting a lawn service in Hayward Wisconsin?

The biggest question for most home owners, property owners, property managers, and business owners comes in the form of, "Is it worth getting a lawn service in Hayward Wisconsin?"

The answer resides in the analysis of time vs money.

Considering the Time

If you own a vacation home, cabin, cottage, or rental property, then you have to analyze the time it takes for you to drive back to your vacation home during times of heavy growth. When the grass is growing at a fast pace and you have guests coming in through AirBNB, VRBO or direct booking - then - you have to consider the drive time to your property, the time it takes to mow the lawn, trim the weed, edge the walkways, sidewalks and landscaping, as well as spray for insects, bugs, and fungus.

If you're in close proximity, then it really isn't an issue. You can make the trip, pull out the lawn tractor, zero-turn, weed eating, insect and bug spray, or fertilizer spray, and spend an hour or two.

Equipment Needs

Most properties can get away with a lawn tractor in the ballpark of $1,500. A simple Troybilt Pony, or John Deere lower end model should suffice. You can mow the property in 40 minutes or so. Then, a $300 weed trimmer for another 20-30 minutes. If you're near a lake, you'll likely have mosquitoes or horse fly hordes and then ensuring that your lawn isn't getting attacked by grubs or scarab beetles. In the late fall, you'll see sections of your lawn infested with areas of brown dead grass. Grubs eat your grass roots and end up killing off grass in select areas.

If you experience grubs, then an application of chemicals or natural treatments are needed. Knowing which treatments are trial and error, unless you're familiar with which treatments produce the best results.

Total Investment Needed

In some cases, a total of $2,800 - $3,500 is needed per season, based on the size of your lawn, rate of growth, and amount of detail needed to keep your lawn healthy and cleanly trimmed. This doesn't include the fertilizer, insect and bug treatment needed to treat your lawn.

If you have an irrigation system, you'll have to consider the increase in rate of growth vs natural growth, as times of high precipitation, rainfall, and sunlight. You may see a need to service your lawn more than one time per week.

Cost of Lawn Service

The average cost of lawn care service is $40 - $60 per visit, which can be contracted at one time per week, or two times per month - based on your needs.

The lawn season is roughly 16 weeks in northern Wisconsin. The weekly rate of $60 for 16 weeks comes out to $960 per season. The bi-weekly rate comes out to $640 per season. You may include a spring and fall clean up to remove the leaves, pine needles, and landscape debris for an additional $500 per season. The total seasonal fees may run a total of $1200 - $1800, again, based on the needs of your property.

Services Contracted

The most commonly contracted services include lawn mowing, weed trimming and pulling, insect spraying, application of insect and bug treatment as well as seasonal fertilizer. These are typically included in the service contract. It is best to discuss this with your lawn care contractor.


In conclusion, the assessment is based on your total investment of equipment, materials and time. If you rent out your property for the season, even if it is for major events; July 4th weekend, labor day, memorial day, and certain seasonal festivals. Your lawn care services are tax write-offs and tax deductions.

Overall, hiring a lawn service can save property owners upwards of $1,000 per year while helping support the local economy. Local lawn care services invest money into job creation, youth sports sponsorship opportunities, servicing equipment with local repair shops, and purchasing insect repellent and/or treatments from local feed & seed shops.

The short answer is: It is definitely worth hiring a local lawn service in Hayward Wisconsin.


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