About Us

Three Bears Lawn Care - About Us

Three Bears Lawn Care is a family owned and operated business located in Hayward Wisconsin. Three Bears Lawn Care is extremely unique as it is a father, son and daughter operated business focused on teaching the fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship, asset building, and financial responsibility.

Three Bears Lawn Care started as a way to keep the kids busy throughout the summer months while we cope with the Covid-19 school closings. The business started by renting equipment from a local equipment rental company. After week 1, we found our selves in a position to invest into equipment. We purchased a used zero turn mower, and a brand new push mower. Week 2, we purchased weed eaters. Week 3 we purchased a truck, and Week 4, we purchased a trailer. As of June 8th, 2020, we own all of our equipment and can service 20 properties in Sawyer County (Hayward WI).

What Makes Us Unique

Youth Entrepreneurs Academy was founded in 1991. Youth Entrepreneurs is a nonprofit organization that equips young people with the values and vision to pursue their dreams. Our goal is to inspire students to break through barriers, take control of their own futures and seize opportunities for good. That’s why we’ve made our unique, hands-on curriculum available to implement in your classroom—for free. We use all of the concepts taught in Youth Entrepreneurs Academy to teach various elements of business ownership; foundational values, entrepreneurial mindset, economics and marketing.

Fully Insured

Three Bears Lawn Care is fully insured with a $2,000,000 policy, so you can rest assured all of your property and assets are protected barring an occurrence.

Acord and General Insurance Company of America has insured the operations of Three Bears Lawn Care with policy number: BWG61444819

Please feel free to contact us for a certificate of insurance should you have any questions.